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What to Bring

There’s a joke the locals make about Arkansas weather. “If you don’t like it, “ they say, “just stay a few days and it will change.” The weather during duck season can range from 70 degrees to 20 degrees in a matter of days. Bringing a wide range of clothes is a smart move. Best camo patterns are your Mossy Oak Tree Stand or Break Up for the timber and Shadow Grass for field hunting. Of course, any patter similar to these is fine, but ducks can see exceptionally well in the timber on bright, sunny days, so cover up. A face mask or face paint is required if you like watching the ducks. Always bring chest waders, especially if hunting in the timber. The water is often shallow enough to wade in and allows you to be more versatile. Hip boots can get by in early season hunts or under extreme shallow water conditions.

Most hunters shoot 12 gauge guns either in a 3” or 3.5”. Timber hunters usually shoot 2’s, 4’s or 6’s, while field shooters often shoot BBs, 1’s and 2’s. It all depends on your longest shot and whether decoying birds or pass shooting. I you’re luck, a boat paddle will do the job, because when you really get into them in the timber, the ducks light close enough to reach out and touch.


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