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Premier Guided Waterfowl Hunts | Stuttgart, Arkansas

The Ultimate Guided Waterfowl Hunting Experience


We specialize in getting our guests on the hunt of a lifetime. 

When it comes to waterfowl, the first place that comes to mind is Stuttgart, Arkansas. The duck capital of the world. We have secured over 15,000 acres of private leases lying adjacent to Bayou Meto, this is truly in the heart of the Grand Prairie. We have hundreds of shallow water duck ponds setup in agricultural areas, swamps, sloughs, fish ponds, and limited green timber hunting. Our hunters can expect an opportunity to harvest a broad variety of species. You want puddle ducks? We have mallards, gadwall, pintail, teal, shovelers, and wigeon. You want divers? We have canvasback, redheads, bluebills, ringnecks, buffleheads, and golden-eye. We specialize in getting our guest their trophy duck. We hunt over large decoy spreads, professional calling, and wonderful dog work. We are sure that your Arkansas duck hunt will be all you ever dreamed it could be. The spectacular opportunity that Arkansas has provided waterfowler’s for centuries, is an experience that everyone should treat themselves to. From sunrise to sunset, your eyes will focus on flight after flight of Ducks and Geese.

When the birds are “really in”, the sky will be full from horizon to horizon. You will hear the roar of thousands of geese leaving their roost, all the various peeps, quacks, and whistling wings of thousands of ducks, and you have a waterfowlers sensory overload. Weather you are a veteran wing shooter or a first timer, this experience will make you stop and savor the moment, and say “This is the way it should be!”.

For those duck hunters who want an exclusive duck hunt. We have a plan designed specifically for you. A group of 5 duck hunters can have a blind and guide themselves for three days for only $ 1,650.00 per man. This plan includes 3 meals daily, lodging, bird processing, 1 afternoon goose hunt, and an afternoon of skeet shooting! WHAT A VALUE!! These dates are limited, and they are going fast. So don’t put it off, call now to book your dates, and let Primm Springs Wildlife Co. show you why they call Stuttgart, Arkansas the Duck Capital of the World.

A typical day will start with a knock on the door at 4:30. You will be greeted with a full breakfast bar prepared by our house staff. We will depart for our morning hunt anywhere from 5 to 5:30 depending on our hunting location. Once we arrive at the farm, you can get ready to head to the blind while our guides load what is needed for the day. Shortly after that we will arrive at our hunting location, where the guides will

begin setting the decoy spread and blinds. We will hunt from shooting time until around lunch, when we will either cook a hot meal in the blind, or head back to the lodge and eat there. After that, the rest of your day will depend on the days itinerary. You will either have an afternoon of skeet shooting, your afternoon goose hunt, or some time to relax, take a nap, run to Mack’s Prairie Wings, or start happy hour! The day will conclude with hors d’oeuvres served around 5:00 p.m CST at the bar, and a first class, sit down dinner at 7:00 p.m. CST.

Season Dates

Duck, Coot & Merganser

Nov. 19-27, 2022

Dec. 10-23, 2022

Dec. 26, 2021-Jan. 31, 2023


Special Youth & Veteran Waterfowl Hunt

Dec. 3, 2022  and Feb. 4, 2023


Dark Goose

Oct 29 – Nov. 13, 2022

Nov. 19, – Nov. 27, 2022

Dec. 10,- Dec. 23, 2022

Dec. 26, 2022- Jan 31, 2023


Snow, Blue and Ross’ Goose

Nov. 21-Dec. 4, 2020

Dec. 6, 2020-Jan. 31, 2021


Light Goose Conservation Order

Oct. 3-30, 2020

Nov. 17-20, 2020

Feb. 1-5, 2021

Feb. 7-April 25, 2021

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