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Stuart Wolcott

I am a Tennessee native but I have a lot of roots in Arkansas. I grew up going to Arkansas for the holidays and getting to hunt on the family farm. I Moved to Arkansas in 1984 where I graduated from Lonoke High School. In 1986 hunting became such a passion for me, I had to make it my profession. I met my wife Mitzi in the early 90’s and she urged me to chase my dream, and is the single reason this idea worked, because of her support. I worked for Deer Creek Outfitters for 3 years and learned the ropes from some of the best in the business still to this day. When we decided to open Primm Springs Wildlife Company in 1994 it was a natural fit to include ducks and geese along with Big Game hunts that we offered early on. The duck hunting part of our business enjoyed a high percentage of success and rapid growth. In 2010 we decided to focus all of our efforts on Waterfowl. Currently I manage 2 Private hunting clubs in Tennessee and spend a lot of time in Carlisle getting ready for the season. I am so blessed to get to do what I do for a living. Thanks to the good Lord, my family, my staff, my friends, and most of all you guys for allowing us to be your host a few days every year.

John White

My name is John White, I was born in Forrest City, AR in July of 1984. I am a senior guide here at Primm Springs where I have been for 13 seasons! I started out as a bird processor and worked my way to the top. I still enjoy the thrill of taking a father and son or a group of guys hunting for their first time, there is truly nothing like it. When I am not guiding Hunts in Arkansas, I enjoy spending my time playing golf and being with my wife Brianne, kids JP and Dara, and my dog Ace.

Zach Cantrell

I was born in Little Rock, Arkansas. I grew up and graduated from high school in Mountain Home, AR. Shortly after that, I went into the Navy, where I spent 4 years and did 2 deployments. I have been working at Primm Springs as a Guide since 2015. I work as an IT technician and network engineer when it is not hunting season. I shot my first duck and goose when I was 9 years old. I also love trout fishing on the White River. My dog, Sage, is three years old and we have hunted together for three seasons now! He was retrieving and hunting at just 5 months old, and has been a shining star in the field ever since!

Logan Hale

I was born in January of 1997, 30 minutes West of the lodge in Little Rock. I have been an avid waterfowl hunter for 20+ years, a hunting guide in Arkansas for 10, and a big game guide in Wyoming as well.

Hawkins Wolcott

I was born in Nashville, TN in October of 1999. I grew up in Primm Springs, Tennessee. The place I still call home and where I was able to cut my teeth on the outdoors. At a very young age I was hunting deer, turkeys, and fishing for Smallmouth Bass in the creeks nearby. I spent a lot of time in Arkansas chasing waterfowl as well, shooting my first duck at 4 years old. I have been around Primm Springs since I could walk, but started being a hunting Guide in Arkansas full time in 2018! I am a graduate of the University of Tennessee at Martin with a degree in Farm and Ranch Management and a focus in Wildlife. My dog, Voodoo, has been hunting with me for 2 seasons now! She’s been a great addition to the Primm Family and continues to get better every season!

Will Carpentar

I am 26 years old, I was born and raised in the Arkansas delta about 15 minutes from the lodge. I’ve been farming all my life as well as hunting, and I don’t know any different way! I started hunting with Primm Springs about 5-6 years ago and I would love to continue for the rest of my life if it be the lords will.

Ben Wilson

Hey guys, my name is Ben Wilson. I am 24 years old and was born and raised in Humnoke, Arkansas. I graduated from Carlisle High School in 2016. I’ve been hunting this area since I was a kid and this will be my 6th season to guide. I am recently married and have a baby girl on the way in January. One of my favorite things about guiding is getting to meet new people from all over and enjoying the fellowship from everyone.

Payne Harper

Payne is a newcomer to Primm Springs for this season. Born in 2004 and has recently graduated High School last spring. However, he has plenty of experience guiding some excellent hunts. Payne has guided duck and goose hunts all around Arkansas for 3 years. He’s chased waterfowl in the Dakotas, Minnesota, and Wisconsin as well. He is dedicated to finding the birds and will make sure you enjoy your hunts no matter what!

Karri Smith

Hi everyone. My name is Karri. I live here in Carlisle. I have been married for 15 years. I have a 1 daughter, 3 sons and 3 grandsons. I like camping and fishing and just spending time with my family. This will be my 3rd season with Primm Springs and I couldn't be happier working with the crew we have. I look forward to seeing each and every one of you this season.

Dylan Stroup


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